2020/04 14 22:04

当手头上没有浏览器,或者只能使用SSH看网页时,可以尝试这个神奇的“ 浏览器 ”

yum install w3m 或者 apt-get install w3m

w3m baidu.com

w3m –help

    -t tab           set tab width
    -r               ignore backspace effect
    -l line          # of preserved line (default 10000)
    -I charset       document charset
    -O charset       display/output charset
    -B               load bookmark
    -bookmark file   specify bookmark file
    -T type          specify content-type
    -m               internet message mode
    -v               visual startup mode
    -M               monochrome display
    -N               open URL of command line on each new tab
    -F               automatically render frames
    -cols width      specify column width (used with -dump)
    -ppc count       specify the number of pixels per character (4.0...32.0)
    -ppl count       specify the number of pixels per line (4.0...64.0)
    -dump            dump formatted page into stdout
    -dump_head       dump response of HEAD request into stdout
    -dump_source     dump page source into stdout
    -dump_both       dump HEAD and source into stdout
    -dump_extra      dump HEAD, source, and extra information into stdout
    -post file       use POST method with file content
    -header string   insert string as a header
    +<num>           goto <num> line
    -num             show line number
    -no-proxy        don't use proxy
    -4               IPv4 only (-o dns_order=4)
    -6               IPv6 only (-o dns_order=6)
    -no-mouse        don't use mouse
    -cookie          use cookie (-no-cookie: don't use cookie)
    -graph           use DEC special graphics for border of table and menu
    -no-graph        use ASCII character for border of table and menu
    -s               squeeze multiple blank lines
    -W               toggle search wrap mode
    -X               don't use termcap init/deinit
    -title[=TERM]    set buffer name to terminal title string
    -o opt=value     assign value to config option
    -show-option     print all config options
    -config file     specify config file
    -help            print this usage message
    -version         print w3m version
    -reqlog          write request logfile
    -debug           DO NOT USE

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